Hi, I’m Maryl Celiz PAZ

I’m here to help you discover your authentic self, find your true path and step into the work and life that are meant for YOU. En Español – aprieta aquí.

Sound good?

Clear your mind

Going through a  life/love/work transition but can’t leave the past behind? Let’s clear the content that is blocking you from aligning with your new life and total fulfillment.

Create your life

What is your dream work/business and how does it play to your preferences, gifts, mission? Let’s identify exactly what that looks like and get you on that path.


Are you where you want to or thought you’d be by now in life? Or are you nowhere near with no plan to level up?


Are you expressing who you are and what you want/need? Or are you unable to say no and follow your own intuition?


Are fear, anxiety and stress making you sick? Are you stuck in a toxic environment at home or at work?


Are  you doing the work you’re meant to and making the money you want to? Or are you just going through the motions?

You’re meant for more.

Deep down, you know it. There is an incredible life that was meant for you. There’s amazing work you were born and built to do (and actually enjoy). Something inside tells you that, whatever that is, your current work and life are not it. You feel it but you ignore it. For whatever reason, you’re stuck.

And then…your body starts talking (maybe a twitch or a skin situation). Stress. Sleepless nights. No motivation. Maybe it’s your terrible boss or your toxic relationship. Maybe this is just your luck in life and you just have to settle.

Trust me, YOU DON’T. 



You’re not alone.

All that stuff you’re going through? Been there. Nothing’s wrong with you. You’re not flawed or crazy or asking for too much. YOU ARE WAKING UP to the work and life that are truly, deeply, naturally YOURS. 

You see, your heart is a GPS. So is money. If you’re feeling unmotivated, if your skin flares up at the thought of your job, if you’re not making the money you want…you’re not on your path. You’re living someone else’s life (mom’s?) And doing someone else’s work (dad’s?) 

Together, we are going to find out your AUTHENTIC self and get you on the PATH THAT’S MEANT FOR YOU.




A Process Created for You

The setting is simple: you, me, pen and paper, on a phone or video call from the comfort of your home or office. The method is coaching and the style is transpersonal, which means it goes beyond the ego and gets into the core of who you are – spirit, purpose, meaning and more. The process is customized for you based on the modalities, tools and techniques I’ve gathered after years of studying personal development, psychology, communications, content, emotional intelligence, nlp, metaphysics, astrology, human design, coaching, yin yoga, reiki and more – everything I’ve also experienced applying all of this through my own personal and professional leaps. You’ll do the work diligently and I’ll give you the knowledge, guidance and support through the process to get you on your path.


1. Reconnect to your authentic self.

You are a unique soul with a reason for being here. Through many tools like human design, astrology, numerology and more, we will reconnect you to your essence, learn more about yourself and begin to understand what you’re meant to do.

2. Dig and discover.

We cannot change what we cannot see. As I guide you through the discovery process, we will dig into your subconscious mind to bring to light the hidden content that is keeping you from the health, wealth, love and happiness you are meant to live.

3. Clear impostor content.

Nothing negative is real. Impostor content is the term I use for all of the negative thoughts, emotions, energy, experiences, memories, beliefs and more that keep you stuck and unfulfilled. This content from your past can come from your childhood, culture, society, TV, authority figures, etc…and we will clean it up it through mental/emotional and energetic exercises.

4. Get tools you can use daily.

As we say in yoga, the real work is off the mat. Through my training as well as my own challenging experiences, I’ve discovered tools, practices and other resources that will help you cross the bridge from negative to positive, which you can use on your own anytime to shift any area of your life. 

5. Create critical mass and change your life.

Change is not easy but it IS simple. The reason your life/love/health/wealth/work is not what you want it to be is that you have a higher amount of content that contradicts your true desire and stops it from coming to life. Once we clear and shift that, your true desire reaches critical mass and your life changes in the direction of your dreams.


The Born and Built Coaching Program

A 12-week, 1-1 intensive coaching program with tools, training and an action plan to achieve your shift. We’ll discover what you were born for, what you were built for, what the blocks are that have derailed you and how to realign with your true path.  

More Details

In your BBC package, we’ll go deep into discovering your essence based on your astrological chart, human design, numerology and more (your personal profile) and see where you are in alignment and where you need to shift. We’ll then identify your primary goal for the next 90 days and commit to the change.  Throughout our weekly sessions, we will get to work discovering blocks, clearing impostor content, setting and sticking to an action plan and creating the new mindset and action habits that will get you on your path. The process involves the conscious, subconscious and collective unconscious levels of the self and you will every session with knowledge, insights, tools, techniques, training and tasks that will activate your own unique personal transformation. This program is for you if you feel that you are awakening onto your next level of self, work and life. It’s also for you if you are already awake and are going through a personal or professional transition and you know the value of guidance, support, accountability and deep insight in a transformational process. The BBC is an intensive program; it will require you to be willing to release old patterns, able to apply the tasks assigned and have an open mind and heart to allow the shift to take place.

Let's do this, together.

I’m I’ve been where you are – more than once. It took an “incurable” skin disease (completely cleared) and going into debt (for the first time ever) for me to finally step into my calling.

Aligning with our authentic essence and the work and life that follows is simple. We were born for that. But it is not easy because, most of the time, we can’t identify what’s blocking us.

I have experienced going through this shift on my own and I’ve also experienced it with the guidance and support of a coach and community. Save yourself time and unnecessary grief. What you’re going through is part of the natural process of becoming You. Let’s work together to get you onto the path that’s meant, and waiting, for you.


Maryl is a pearl. Her capacity for analysis and seeing beyond is impressive. I learned a ton, from the very first session. She allowed me to connect with myself, to have a deeper vision of myself and the world. Not only did she share knowledge with me, she also helped me develop tools and internal resources that I will use for the rest of my life.

– Andrea P., Psychologist

I had worked for more than 5 years in Human Resources for various corporations when I began to question if that is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, if this was my way of contributing to the world, my reason for existing or life purpose. It’s under these circumstances that I was blessed to find Maryl, who not only helped me discover my true vocation but also to find the answer to a fundamental question: Who am I? 

– Veronica P., Organizational Coach 

“When I had my coaching sessions with Maryl, I learned that it is very different to spend your life working just for money rather than having a job doing what you love. The latter is what connects you with who you really are and makes you vibrate. It’s not easy – there are many doubts and fears on the way – but it is possible, especially when you have the help and support of a great life coach like Maryl. Now I can say I’ve reached the point where I believe I can spend my days doing what I came for, earning enough money and loving every bit of it. “

– Andrea C., Photographer

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