You may notice the length of time between this post and the last one (months). There’s a reason. I share that story with you today because maybe you have felt the same way at some point in your life and I want you to know, you are not the only one.

When I launched this blog, something odd happened: For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel moved to write. For someone who has made a living out of the written word, both as a journalist and with my content consulting business, Celiz Paz Media Consulting, this was odd. As someone who knows that often the heart knows before the mind does, however, I honored this feeling, meditated upon it and asked my heart what it really wanted to do.

“Video,” my heart replied.

“I don’t know anything about video,” I thought. Sure, my previous businesses, HLife and the Silvie+Maryl brand, had video components. I’d also produced video for clients through my current business. But in both cases, I’d always focused on my strength – content development – and not on my weakness: technology. I’d always had help, hired crew, had a team of camera, lights, audio and other key people who took care of all the things I didn’t know while I wrote scripts or supervised productions.

Focusing on strengths was always my strategy (specialization has paid me really well) but this time, I felt that if I wanted to really do video on my own (a blog is your own baby, after all), I had to learn the tech side of video.

Well, when the heart speaks and you surrender to its magic, the Universe provides.

That same day, I had breakfast with my sister Silvie and godson Wesley at my fave spot, Le Pain Quotidien (hello, organic vegan blueberry muffin), and I shared my news with Silvie: “I feel like the only thing I’m motivated to do right now, the only thing that gets me a little excited, is video.”

“I think that sounds awesome – do it,” she replied.

We finished our breakfast and Silvie asked me to go with them to JCrew, across the street, to return something. We crossed the street and immediately, I spotted something serendipitous: A guy with a TV studio camera, filming something.

I tapped him on the shoulder and asked: “What are you shooting?”

“I’m shooting B-roll for a TV show for Pasadena Media. Why – are you interested in doing television? We train people,” said the man who I now know as Charles.

Silvie and I looked at each other. If this wasn’t the Universe, I don’t know what is.

We got the info and drove to PM immediately, because when the Universe directs, you follow.

Fast forward to day: Not only am I a certified Director that can produce, direct and work any technical aspect of a TV studio (cameras, audio, stage management, etc..), but I’m psyched to announce that I have just launched my very own TV show, Maryl Today, the videos of which I will be sharing with you via blog posts after they air on the Arroyo Channel.

I cannot articulate how grateful I am to every part of this new path and all the people it has taken to help me bring you what I believe is solid positive programming (values, which I think are lost and we need to bring back to the discussion) that will inspire and empower you to keep upgrading your life and business.

Maryl Today is a weekly, in-depth talk show that features experts and leaders in the arts, sciences, business and personal development fields, a half-hour spent with people who share their stories, what they’re about (the theme or topic of the week) and what’s most important to them that has helped them succeed and live their lives to the fullest.

I hope you’ll join me every Thursday at 8 p.m. Pacific.

If you’re local to Pasadena, you can watch live on TV through Spectrum channel 32 and AT&T channel 99.

If you’re anywhere else in the USA or the world, you can watch the studio live stream the show through The Arroyo Channel’s website.

I will be posting it here after, so don’t worry if that time doesn’t work for your location.

Lastly, if this story sounds familiar to you and you find yourself in a similar place as the one I was in months ago, know this: Your heart always knows what it really wants. Trust it, open your mind and let the Universe do its work. It’s not our job to have all the answers. It’s our job to be open to infinite possibilities.

From my heart to yours,