Life-changing information often comes in the form of a question that, when answered, can make a tiny tweak that leads to massive change over time.

I have one of those questions for you today.

Among all the craziness in your life and the suffering and heaviness in the world today, there is one thing you can control it came to me in the form of a question:

In this moment, for this second, can you allow yourself to just be?

Let me say it again so it sinks in: Can you allow yourself to just BE?

Let’s break this down.

Can you allow yourself, meaning: Do you give yourself permission? Do you have enough surrender in you to allow yourself something or is your mind so in control of you instead of the other way around that you can’t just let go of all your worries for a minute or two or ten, or even just ten seconds?

Can you afford yourself some time – give yourself as little or as long as it may be, a quantity of time and time of the day unique to you, no judgment if it is five seconds upon waking and before opening your eyes, 20 seconds while sitting in your car in the parking lot before going into the office or back into the house after work, or a full 20 minute sit-down meditation in your favorite space at home – and can this time be yours and yours alone?

Can you permit the mental space that is required to step away from all that usually takes up that space – your list of to do’s, your high-performance action plan, your children’s future, your parents financial situation, your friend’s relationship troubles, your pending talk with your significant other, those tasks at work you’ve been meaning to do for weeks – and just decide to get back to all of your “stuff” later because we both know you will anyway and if you don’t, life will remind you of it?

If you can allow, if you can afford some time, if you can permit some mental space…can you then allow that time and space to be solely and uniquely dedicated to the purpose of just being you? Can you just be you, what you are, nothing more, nothing less?

And what are you?


That’s it. Just light. Light within you, light all around you. Can you imagine it? Can you close your eyes and imagine your entire body, brain, mind, even the room you’re in, to be beautiful, brilliant beams of light?

If you cannot imagine that, then just imagine that you are a loving, joyous person at peace with all that is. Feel it. Regardless of who you are, what you do or where you came from – you are love, joy, peace. No other qualifiers, no other words.

Can you close your eyes (or keep them open and focus, whatever works for you) and for a moment, can you allow yourself to just be?

If your answer is yes, then congratulations, you have bought yourself more years of life and well-being. There is nothing healthier for the body than to allow the soul a break and the spirit a chance to shine through.

If your answer is no, then, please, find the courage to make this a practice. You need it more than you know.

And the world – all of us – need you to know, do and be this as often as possible right now. It is only by recognizing ourselves as the light, love, joy and peace that is our truth, our natural state of being, that we can think, speak and do what this world needs us to do to help it – and each other – grow, survive and thrive.

Do it for you. Do it for us. We will all be grateful you did.

From my heart to yours,