About CPMC



Celiz Paz Media Consulting is a management and consulting company focused on custom content projects. CPMC provides project management and consulting services along with a team of content experts, writers, editors, translators and producers that excel in the areas of content development, content marketing, cultural context consulting, communications and translation and adaptation from/to niche markets – all to generate, polish and execute top quality content with a plan and a purpose.

The company offers strategy and direction as well as Subject Matter Expertise in content and culture for the Latin and Romance language markets (Spain, Latin America, the Caribbean, US Domestic Hispanic) and English language markets (USA, UK, Canada, Australia), and has helped clients such as Intel-GE Care Innovations penetrate multiple markets through content crafted with culture and context in mind at every step of the way.

SME is also available in health, healthcare, wellness and alternative lifestyle markets as well as the arts and entertainment market.

CMPC arms its clients with the knowledge and tools to connect with their customers through core-based, context savvy, culturally aware content that doesn’t just engage – it inspires action and achieves results.