Maryl Celiz Paz

Transpersonal Coach

Discover your Self. Find your true Path. Live your best Life.

Hi, I’m Maryl. Let’s work together to transform your self, life and work.

My Story

Can you imagine a highly sensitive, introverted empath as a top director in a national corporation? Well, this empath is also a high performer, so there I was, putting in the hours at the office, accomplishing milestones, earning six figures…and losing my self, my life and my health.

I had strong intuition but I hadn’t listened to it when it said “this is not the way.” Luckily, my body knew better. I couldn’t sleep. My skin started to itch and blotch. I looked like a monster and felt like I would never recover (I did, without medicine, by making the shifts I teach you here). This was the wisdom of my spirit telling my body to signal me: “Psst, something is not right. This is not where we need or want to be.” When I finally listened to myself and quit the toxic job (and the unfulfilling relationship), everything changed.

Within months, I was healed. And within a year, I was running my own business, making more than before, while living in Fiji. There’s more to that story but the gist is this: Once we align with our true selves and path, the health, wealth and happiness we dream of becomes our reality. The same can happen for you.


My Values & Beliefs

We are here for a reason and a purpose

Nothing in this Universe is random. Our world exists by design and we are all part of that Grand Design. There is a reason you are here, in this place, at this time. In other words, you’re here on purpose. Are you living that way? 

We are here to grow and contribute

Nothing material is permanent. Evolution is a part of our path and collective experience and we are continuously shifting and changing. As we live, learn and grow, we contribute to the greater good. Are you expanding and doing your part in and for the world?

We are here for joy and fulfillment

Joy is one of the highest, most powerful frequencies on the planet. It is the energy of healing and our hearts carry that vibration far and wide to all the people we are connected to. Are you doing the kind of work you enjoy and living your life in perpetual in-joyment?

My Work

I come from a family of healers. My mother is a life coach and my sister is a relationship trainer. All of us are intuitives and certified in Reiki. I’m also certified in HeartMath Resilience Coaching/Mentoring, Yin Yoga and TCM Nutrition and have been a long-time Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong and meditation practitioner.

What I do is what I was put on this planet to do. I’ve combined my background and expertise in language and content, my years of research and training in astrology, human design, numerology, symbology, dream interpretation and metaphysics and my certified coaching modalities and energy healing techniques to create a powerful, wholistic transformational system for my clients. 

My program is truly mind/body/spirit and it is intensive because it asks you to truly look at what you may have been ignoring in your self and commit to shifting your thoughts, words and deeds in the direction of your dreams and desired results. It’s customized to you because we are all unique and no formula fits all. As an empath, I’ll be your guide as well as your mirror throughout this journey and, together, we will change your inner and outer worlds.


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