Writing your own About Me is hard, even for a content creator. So, I will do what I am doing everywhere else in this space: Speak from the heart.

When I first launched my personal website, I filled it with a mix of all the things I do and have done and blended them into one space, hoping to focus on one thing and one thing only with my time and work: help others, through any and all ways I have/can/know how. That ended up not feeling right, so not right that I stepped away from creating content here for a while and gave myself the space to feel what was right. What developed and surfaced was that it was OK (good, even – for me) to have two spaces: one for my heart to speak unedited and the other for my mind to create through work.

I am a writer, content consultant, former journalist and editor, basically someone who loves words, concepts and context. I am the founder of a consulting company that creates and adapts content for businesses and my focus is on helping mission-based, positive companies who want to build a bridge between anglo and Hispanic markets. You can find more information about that here…and nowhere else on this site. That’s my “yang” side – my mind, the mission-based soul that enjoys business and thrives on connecting message to market through content that matters and makes a difference.

This site is about my “yin” side. I have a TV show called Maryl Today where I discuss topics that matter (like service, empathy and creativity) with experts and leaders. I am a certified as a Reiki Master, Yin Yoga teacher and HeartMath Resilience Coach/Mentor. I practice Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong, Tai Chi and meditation, all usually in the comfort of my own home and in my own personal version because I am an introverted, highly sensitive empath, love my me-time and sacred space and trust my inner wisdom fully. Most of all, I understand the crucial importance of WholeHearted Living – expressing what is fully in your heart, leading through authenticity, allowing emotions to flow and holding space for others in the same way. This is a magical combination for health and wellness and it is the starting point for anything we want to create in our lives. My sister Silvie and I first touched on this when we collectively founded HLife, a holistic lifestyle portal, in 2009 and published Nourished, a guide to plant-based living. Almost a decade later, we’ve both evolved into understanding more clearly what we want to share with the world individually now and my version of that is what you will see here.

My heart’s expression is what you will find in this website. My choice is for this content to be positive and honest, inspirational and empowering, educational and heartfelt, for it to make you feel, think, laugh, learn and love yourself and this experience we all share called Life on Planet Earth, so that you feel the healing truth that underlies all relative truths: that we are all connected. We are all going through the same things. And you are never, ever alone.

If this resonates with you, head on over to the blog for all the goodness my heart has for you, including the show, with which I aim to inform, inspire and empower you today for a better tomorrow.

Thank you for showing up and for being here in the first place.

I hear you and I see you. Here, I show you my heart so you can hear and see me, too.

Much love,