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Frequently Asked

Can coaching help me overcome fear?

Coaching can help by uncovering and clearing limiting beliefs and other fear-based content. The work is up to you but as your coach, I am trained in helping you release the limiting beliefs and other impostor content that fuels fear as well as in clearing the energy that is stuck and contains the blueprint for that fear.

Does coaching take up a lot of time?

Coaching actually SAVES you time – by focusing you, clearing blocks and shortening the learning curb to the tools and techniques that will take you where you want to be. Sessions are weekly, between 60 and 90 minutes and tasks are brief but effective. If you can watch a movie, you can invest less than that time per week in your personal development.

Can your coaching help my business?

Wholistic, transpersonal coaching with me can help ALL areas of your life, including business. I’ve owned three businesses, been a player in corporate America and know all the power and pitfalls, so I have personal experience and insight into business management. And from that experience, I know this: If you’re internally well/whole/on point, your business will be too.

Is your coaching exclusively for work/career/business?

My work’s purpose is to help you first and foremost be right INSIDE, with YOU. It’s primarily life coaching with an effect on all areas of your life, including (and most commonly) work because most people want to get paid to spend time being themselves and doing something they were born and built to do in the form of a job, vocation or business. For more info on this, check out the Work With Me page. 

Do you address mindset?

You bet. Mindset is probably the biggest piece we address – subconscious content, limiting beliefs, blocks, mental clutter – all the stuff I call “impostor content” (which also includes emotions and energy). Nothing works if the mindset component is not in place, so we’ll definitely work consistently on that with proven techniques.

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