Content Strategy


Your content is done. All you need is an expert to tell you if you have what you need or how to make your content sing – and sell.

I created the Content Strategy consultation just for you.

Every business needs a content strategy – a well-crafted, analysis-based direction for all the copy that will connect with your customers. 

Every business owner needs to make sure all of his marketing collateral – site, blog, social media, newsletter – follows that strategy.

But not everyone is a strategist and not everyone loves crafting content or knows how to do it effectively.

Here, you can have an editor AND strategist in one.

The Content Strategy consultation is for business owners who want an expert to review their marketing content for effectiveness and improvement.


  • Is completed independently of you, in one week
  • Delivers a report with analysis, diagnosis and recommendations for your business content
  • Includes a detailed examination of your website, blog, social media and sample newsletter email content
  • Determines what works, what doesn’t and what to do to improve your messaging
  • Recommends at least three immediate actions you can take to improve your marketing efforts
  • Highlights any design eyesore or functionality fail that interferes with marketing or sales
  • Provides a PDF of best practices for solid copy writing

You implement the recommendations, immediate actions and best practices you like, in your own time.

This is a quick and easy way to take your website and other marketing assets to the next level, on your own terms.

Exactly what I want, let’s do this.



Every business needs a content expert.


This consultation is for you if:
  • Your offering is good but you’re not sure your marketing is
  • You’re not an expert content writer for the purpose of marketing/sales
  • Grammar and punctuation are not your fortes (and you know it)
  • You write “your” but you meant “you’re”



This consultation is also for you if:
  • You don’t have the time to complete a content coaching program
  • You just want someone to tell you how to improve your existing content
  • You have content but not all the clients you want
  • You have clients but not the ones you want


Have questions about this consultation? Please check the following FAQ or contact me directly.

[accordion title=”What do I have to do once I pay?”]Not much. This is a consultation with an expert and consulting means you do almost none of the work and I do almost all of it. You’ll send me the links and samples of relevant assets and I’ll get right to it. You go to sleep, go to work, have fun, and get your report with recommendations and other goodies in your inbox in a week. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”What assets do you review?”]I will review/analyze your content marketing assets: website, blog, social media channels and a sample newsletter email. I’ll get a feel for your overall messaging, style, voice and writing/marketing skills level and put together recommendations and actionable steps to improve your marketing, sales and communication.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What can I expect in my inbox in a week?”]A digitally delivered report with the general analysis of your assets, positive feedback where appropriate (what you’re doing right and on-message) and areas for improvement (what’s not working). You’ll also get at least three specific, clear and simple immediate actions you can take to improve your content right away. You will also receive a PDF of best practices for copy writing, to have as a reference and help you on this and any future writing projects.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Will you make me a better writer?”]I might, although that’s more of a Core Clarity result. Anyone can improve his/her writing with my best practices. I’ve seen the difference with my own eyes as I’ve trained non-writers in the art, so, while I can’t claim you’ll be the next J. K. Rowling (that’s a whole other kind of writing), I can say you’ll be better equipped to improve your own marketing content, if you put your mind and heart into it. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Can I just hire you to do the writing for me?”]I’d love to help you there but I just don’t do that anymore. Fortunately, my team at CPMC does. For projects that require custom do-it-for-you work, I project manage a team of amazing translators, writers, editors and producers that will get the job done for you on time and within budget. Email me for a custom quote. Disclaimer: This work is not cheap (remember the “expensive but important” part of the intro above?).[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Why does a comma matter? It’s just a comma!”]I hear you. Let me just say this: Language is an agreement, just like all other symbols. Think about street lights and signs: Some time, some place, all people of a specific culture decided that a green light meant go and a red light meant stop (nobody agrees on a yellow light). They also decided that a period meant “stop reading here – thought complete!” and that a comma meant “take a beat here – pause needed!” Communication is a complex process involving a messenger (transmitter), a message, a recipient  and a whole bunch of noise in the from of meanings, emotions, culture and context in between. With text, there’s the meaning (denotation) of a word, and the feeling (connotation) attached to that word. It is only because of agreements like grammar and punctuation that we can all actually understand what each other says and means, hopefully in the voice, tone, and feeling that the writer (transmitter) intended for the reader (recipient) to understand the content (message). Basically, language and its rules help us all say, “ahhh…OK. Gotcha.”  In the end, grammar and punctuation help us understand the difference between “you’re great, mom” and “your great mom” – something you (or your mom) may appreciate. [/accordion]

“Maryl is the best! She is very easy to work with and her knowledge of content, culture and language is so vast and insightful, it is invaluable. Not only does she deliver great content, she coaches and consults at the same time, giving guidance as well as analysis and advice. Efficient and effective. We liked her so much, we have worked with her on multiple projects over multiple years. Whenever we need help, Maryl is only an email away!”
Trein Marc Schiffelbian, Executive Director, User Experience

Ready to Take Your Content to the Next Level?

A website should be working – and selling – for you while you sleep. The Content Strategy consultation is a simple, effortless way for you to get expert content feedback quickly in a digital format, so you can rest assured your content is on message and doing its job. Just send me the an email with your website to get the process started. Price: $999

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