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Are you living the life you imagined? Do you feel happy, connected and fulfilled?


Are you as assertive, expressive and authentic as you want to be?


Are fear, anxiety and other negative habits crippling your wellbeing?


Are you doing the work you’re meant to and making the money you want to?

Find Your Path With Customized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Transpersonal coaching is designed to go beyond the ego and personality and dig deep into the whole self to find out blocks as well as resources, dreams and desires and get you from where you are to where you truly want to be.

What Is Coaching?

Is coaching like therapy?

No. Therapists look into your past to see why you feel the way you feel. Coaches start with the present (where you are) and take you into the future (your goal) – from point A to point B.

Is my coach going to fix me?

Your coach is your partner in a journey that is all your own. Her job is to guide, support, cheer and challenge you in a transformative journey where you will do the work to get where you want to be.

Is a coach an expert?

Coaching honors the client as the expert in her own life and work. It’s the coach’s job as an expert in coaching modalities to help you discover and work to achieve your desired goal. 

How is coaching delivered?

Your coaching sessions take place digitally via video calls and last approximately 90 minutes.

How Do I know If Transpersonal Coaching is Right For Me?

Everyone can benefit from coaching but only you know if you’re ready to commit to this level of change. Transpersonal coaching is transformational. It asks you to dig deep and see what may be blocking you mentally, to look beyond the physical, to feel feelings you’ve repressed and to commit to changing habits that have held you back. It takes courage but it’s the only way to your path.  Check out the list below to see if it’s right for you.  

You're open to believe in something more.

Transpersonal coaching assumes you know or are ready to discover that you are a spirit having a human experience – a soul in a body…consciousness, not just matter. You don’t need to be trained in metaphysics, but you should be open to the concept of energy as the core of who you are.

You are ready to commit to a change - and do the work.

In coaching, the coachee (you) makes the changes. I will guide, train, support you and more – but you will do the work. You are the expert in you – I am the expert in the techniques that will get you to see and do what you need to for your shifts to take place.

You are ready to let go of the old version of you.

Transformation takes surrender. Letting go of who you were in order to welcome the person you are becoming is a crucial decision in the process. The cocoon must let go of the worm in order to become the butterfly.

You're sick and tired and want to do something about it.

If your body is acting up or you can’t find a reason to get up in the morning and you want to find out how to level up and out of all of that, coaching can help. An illness or lack of motivation are two of the classic signs that you’re ready for a transformation.

You're already in a transition.

It could be a breakup or a divorce, a job you quit or one that let you go. Either way, you’re in a transition and you are smart enough to know you need guidance, support, accountability and more in order to get clear and creating the next stage of your life and work.

My Approach

My work is wholistic, intensive and transformational. Each of the tools, techniques and teachings you’ll see in my programs has transformed my life and work and helped hundreds of people improve theirs.

We are multidimensional beings. Change happens on the conscious, subconscious and collective unconscious levels, not just on one. My approach is effective because I combine scientific and metaphysical information, in-depth investigation and innermost inspiration  to effect change on every level of your being. Once the shifts take place inside, the change will begin to take shape outside.

The shifts you make will be simple but the changes you’ll see will be significant. Each of us has a primary essence we were born with and life/work experiences we were built from. It is these that we will tap into, clear any blocks and get the clarity to create the life and work you were meant to enjoy.


How It Works

Schedule Your Call

Contact me and we will set up a time to do your free exploratory consultation. In our call, we will discuss where you are in life and work, where you want to be and why there is a gap. I will share some valuable insights and we’ll decide if the BBC is right for you.


Start Your Program

Once you’ve been invited to the program and you’ve said yes, we will begin the journey. Sessions are done from the comfort of your home or office, via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom (whichever video platform you prefer) at a time that works for both of us. 

Reach Your Goals

Throughout our 12 weeks together,  you will leave the video calls with insights, techniques, training and tools so you can discover your authentic self, find your true path and step into the work and life that are meant for you today.

Born and Built Coaching Program

A 12-week, 1-1 intensive coaching program with tools, training and an action plan to achieve your shift. We’ll discover what you were born for, what you were built for, what the blocks are that have derailed you and how to realign with your true path.  

More Details

In your BBC package we’ll go deep into discovering your essence based on your astrological chart, human design, numerology and more (your personal profile) and see where you are in alignment and where you need to shift. We’ll then identify your primary goal for the next 90 days and commit to the change.  Throughout our weekly sessions, we will get to work discovering blocks, clearing impostor content, setting and sticking to an action plan and creating the new mindset and action habits that will get you on your path. The process involves the conscious, subconscious and collective unconscious levels of the self and you will every session with knowledge, insights, tools, techniques, training and tasks that will activate your own unique personal transformation. This program is for you if you feel that you are awakening onto your next level of self, work and life. It’s also for you if you are already awake and are going through a personal or professional transition and you know the value of guidance, support, accountability and deep insight in a transformational process. The BBC is an intensive program; it will require you to be willing to release old patterns, able to apply the tasks assigned and have an open mind and heart to allow the shift to take place.

Want to level up?